Sunday, October 20, 2013

Flicking the switch

I never got why the Harridan treated the Squeeze like a dog.  I mean he does as told (on command).  When she orders him to do stuff he basically clamours to do it.   He handed over money and fridges and tents and anything else she figured was his, which therefore meant it was her right to take it.  It didn’t matter how many years they’d been divorced – his was hers.  She has basically had a wallet/baby sitter on tap – for years; yet still, he is treated like a dog.

I gave up 4 nights a week so that we would have weekends free and clear of kid and running around for kid - but like all other discussions/promises prior to moving; that went out the window.  This weekend, he had to go to a school concert so that he could then drop the kid at kid number 2's house.  Yes folks; that perfect mother that is the Harridan - she who puts a hand to brow to say "everything I do is for the kid..." - can't even be bothered having him on the lousy 3 nights a week she could.

The Squeeze didn't get home until 8 and didn't communicate anything to me until I sent a text to ask that maybe when he grew up and reached the age of twelve, he could send me a text and let me know if he would be home for dinner.  

I can't stand the silent treatment.  It's pathetic and immature.  This time was worse than usual because I dared to actually tell that delusional cow, how it was and would ever be in my world.

Saturday, he had to go across town and get the kid from Kid 2's place and take him to cricket.  He came home for a while while the cricket was on and then left at 4pm to go pick him up and take him to a train station (or home for all I know) - which meant he got home at 7.

No word of course and so the girl and I went and organised dinner for us.  After all, if he plans on adopting her ignorant hillbilly ways, he will be treated like a ghost.

So now I’m starting to see the problem; and even feel the response to some degree.  Don’t get me wrong; under no circumstances would I keep a pet ex-husband hanging around.  This type of ‘puppy dog’ weakness is ugly and I’d get no thrill in seeing just how pathetic this person was.  Ie: let’s see if I can make him override Brunhilda (me) into having the kid full time.  I guess she learned that there is no overriding me.  He wasn’t going to even try it and she wouldn’t have a snowballs chance in Hell.

The Squeeze has a basic ineptness for anything romantic or emotional.   This could be amusing and at off times cute – when you know and understand how he works and by his actions, you know that although he has a retarded “show emotion” gene, he actually does have them floating somewhere inside that miniscule atrophied thing in his chest most people call a heart.

But of late, neither word or action tells me anything.  I feel as though it is still him and her – against me and I’m ‘flicking the switch’ – I can feel it.

If you’ve ever watched the Vampire Diaries (yes, yes… It’s teenage vampire stuff but still pretty good) when things are bad, the vampires can “flick the switch to their humanity… or emotions.”

And this is where I’m at.  What I feel.  My emotional investment in this one sided relationship is beginning to wane.

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