Wednesday, October 9, 2013


After suffering a whole week of having her Kid, the Harridan had obviously had enough and started the week with attempted reason – in the face of her psychosis.

This time, the email began with comment that the Kid had mentioned on his week away that he wanted flexibility and if he wanted to stay with the Squeeze, he couldn’t see why he shouldn’t be able to... Whenever he wanted to.  Yeah.  Then she went on to suggesting that maybe we should try alternate weekends too.

Ummm yeah.  It's your kid.  When do you intend to have him..?  

Annoyingly, a whole too and fro conversation ensued between the Moodle and the Harridan – no pause or mention of the fact that I actually live in this house.  I have children; family.  Of course… As per usual, I don’t count.  Why would I when it’s ‘all about the kid…’

My blood boiled the further I read.  I’ve made no secret of the fact that as soon as this lease is finished, I’m out of here.  I can’t suck this kid up for a minute longer.  He is chalk and I’m cheese (weirdly, everyone that isn’t immediate family of this kid appears to be cheese – the Squeeze just won’t admit it).  I won’t do the lack of hygiene.  I won’t do the sitting in his room for all time except the 13 minutes at night to eat.  I won’t do the manipulative little games of snot on the wall.  I won’t do the bullshit arguing with a sixteen year old that believes he is smarter than I am and I won’t do this lazy bitch foisting her kid on to me to raise.

Weekends????  In a pigs eye! There is no chance in Hell that will happen.  I was so furious I mentioned to him that he could tell her straight up; the only change I will accept will be for LESS time.  I got a “why did you check my email” – to which I replied “derrrr because you and that dumb cow continue to think you can decide on MY life without me contributing. 

So here is my contribution.  NO WAY IN HELL!

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