Saturday, October 26, 2013

Glass Houses

My mother is fond of 'sayings'.  One that comes to mind was 'people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.'

Sounds kind of reasonable.  Always did. So tonight when I did a quick browse to see what I'd missed this week when I hated the Squeeze too much to speak to him, let alone browse what the cow had been up to, I was reminded of that saying. 

The Harridan had sent:
'What are you getting Kid 1 for his birthday? A father?' 

WTF..??  She seriously has a screw loose.  Why would you send something so utterly random?

There were oh so many replies I could have sent. Such as 'what are you getting Kid 3 for Christmas? A mother..?'  Or. 'Kid 1 already has a father. He was smart enough to head for Canada when you got pregnant but Hell, he still exists!'  Or maybe 'dear bitter lesbian... Get f*cked' 

Any or all of them would suffice. 
However, I sent none. 
Seriously no point. She is a total nut job and to be honest, I'm a little weird-ed out by the totally unhinged bitch.

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