Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Fairy Tale Factor

I read an article in the newspaper this morning and settled back into my chair thinking “you see!  Its stories like that that gives credence to the Fairy Tale Factor!”

The heading read ‘Elderly couple still ‘holding hands’ in fatal car crash’ and went on to talk about how troopers that had attended a fatal car crash, had discovered a rare and touching sight amid the carnage.

In the wreckage was an elderly couple and the lady was still holding hands with her husband. Floyd Nordhagen, 92, was already dead and his wife, Margaret, 88, would soon die at the crash scene.

:’(       And that my friends, is "Fairy Tale Factor" at its best.

Of course the reality is I'll be long dead and my tiara turned to dust before a prince arrives to sweep me off my damned feet!

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