Sunday, March 10, 2013

Four Long Years

The Squeeze and I were friends for ten years prior to dating…

My girlfriend Amanda and I would laugh uproariously as the Harridan would kick his arse to the kerb, thinking there was something better out there; only to drag him back to the relationship time and time again.

Usually, that was if he dared to find someone to date. If he paused before rushing back, she would go with his greatest fear; citing “you are just like your father…”   So he would go back, only to be banished to the granny flat within weeks; from there it was a short leap to be out for drinks with Amanda and I, bemoaning his world while we laughed and mentioned what a moron he was.

That was funny then; but he was someone else’s Moodle.  Someone else’s problem.  These days, her reign over the Squeeze doesn’t seem quite so funny.  It is relentless.  It’s all consuming and never ending.

Oh Hell; trust me.  I’ve tried so many times to end the stranglehold thisWitch has on my man.  Its four years into our relationship.  We have lived together for two of those years.   On Friday, I posed a simple question during a discussion.

“How many time have you and theHarridan communicated this week...?”

It’s a reasonable question considering we argue about it constantly.  I mean I’m not unsympathetic.  I have three kids, so you’d imagine my world is as difficult.  In fact, I haven’t heard a peep from my ex this year.  That’s reasonable.  I don’t call them and they don’t call me unless there is an absolute death-to-the-world crisis.  And let’s face it; mostly, it’s not death to the world.

So in answer to my question on how many times he has heard from the Harridan this week, I received  a shrug and a quick thought before he answered “two”.

Yesterday while he was driving, I decided to divvy up the total myself.

Actually, the answer was not 2.

It was 67. And that doesn't count the 3 calls we are up today.

67 fricking times that horrible woman has figured there was a need for communication. This included such drivel as “the tax place called me to say if I don’t pay my tax bill; they’ll start adding interest…”

The idiot that I live with replies “tell them you need additional time or claim hardship…” and this is what sends myblood boiling.  I mean what’s wrong with “don’t email me with this crap.  I don’t’care.  You have treated me like a dog and continue to.  If they sue your arse to death – I DON’T CARE!”

Is that harsh..?

I’m sorry; if you need 67communiques in one week – it ain’t over!!!
Am I focusing on this too much..?

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  1. 67 times! That is not only ridiculous but someone needs to cut the cord. Why haven't you actually fronted this moron! I cannot believe that you are 'still' actually putting up with this, after all this time. Honestly, give him an ultimatum!


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