Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My favorite emails...

Every so often I get a great email that let's me know I'm not alone; and more importantly, not insane. 

It's not just me who finds the things I endure, over the top, utterly maddening and quite frankly, unbelievable.  It's not just me who shakes her head in amazement.

Yes...  The Harridan really is a raving vicious nutcase.

No...  The idiot that I live with, really is a moron; who I oft-times wonder if he is really mine - or just killing time while trapped in the past and dreaming of the "happy family" he never actually had, but remembers.

Hell, I can't imagine why anyone would put up with the constant kick downs, insults, screaming abuse, vicious demands and the wallet snatching robbing him blind - without returning a good bitch-slap.  It doesn't make sense to me to just keep enduring it - unless there is a tiny little frizzle of left over longing.

I have three ex-husbands.  In fact mentioning this started it's own amusing conversation in our house the other night.  I mentioned that I have three ex-husbands; none of which I need to hear from unless it is an emergency.  The Squeeze, in an attempt to deflect the conversation, asked "what do they call a collective of ex-husbands?  Would you say that is a plethora of ex-husbands?"  I said "no; I suspect it's more like a flock, or a herd."  My daughter piped up with "I'd say it's more like a murder of ex-husbands..."  
Ahh that girl does me proud...

Anyway, when I reach a certain stage; that 'you are dead to me' stage; there is no turning back.  It can't be repaired then.  It's already over.  And let's face it; we can all see that is where the Squeeze is going.  He is on the express train to "dead to me" land - He may not have steamed out of the station yet, but he's sure as hell bought the ticket and taken a seat!

So although he tries to twist and turn and make out the problem is all about me and my penchant to "rubik's cube" everything in my head...  It is refreshing when someone I don't know, reads my blog and writes to say "wtf?  are you out of you mind putting up with that???"

So I thought I would randomly highlight the odd great comments in the right hand bar.  Mainly because I can't work out how to have them appear expanded and as they are only a tiny marker down the bottom;  and I'm sure they get missed   :-)   Anyway, I'm not sure if I display them for random readers, or if I display them to remind myself that I'm sane (at least sane enough not to be an ax murderer)

Here is one I received tonight regarding the non stop communication from the Harridan. And it is non stop. In fact it's relentless. Hell, a text just came in while I was typing this! She wanted to know if the kid's saxophone was covered on MY contents insurance!  Pffffttttt In a pig's eye!  Sure - but if he loses it, the insurance money is mine and I'm shopping on it!  Dumb woman.

So, here is the comment I received:

"67 times! That is not only ridiculous but someone needs to cut the cord. Why haven't you actually fronted this moron! I cannot believe that you are 'still' actually putting up with this, after all this time. Honestly, give him an ultimatum!"

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