Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Interesting! Hypnosis!

I went to hypnosis today. Wow.  I'm yet to get my head around it and probably will tonight while in bed...  But basically, she said my life has been up and down for so long I'm spurting adrenaline!  Funny, because I don't feel stressed - but my shoulders are drum tight because they are stuck in fight or flight mode.  It will be fabulous if she can address that!!!

We spoke briefly about the Squeeze, the Harridan and the wedding...
She basically said he should be sticking up for me so saying "she's coming!"
She laughed when I said that he had said she wouldn't go if I went...  Ridiculous!  Which is basically how I felt.  That he isn't, that he is letting her take control (again) doesn't bode well for moi!

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