Sunday, March 4, 2018

Gahhh I'm buggered!

The Squeeze came down on Friday so we watched movies and I cooked dinner.  It was a normal evening, which I like. I don't think I'd go out if I could avoid it... But you have to do stuff; like go to work...

Yesterday was a whole other kettle of fish.

Friday night my brother text me to ask if we wanted to go see Robbie Williams for 200 bucks.  He had a client that couldn't go so he took his ridiculously priced tickets and let us have theirs. I did want to see him, but hell, I wasn't paying 400-500 dollars. I would if it was Ryan Adams or Cold Play; but not Robbie.

So our day started off busy and continued right down to the end like it.  We took Sharpie for a walk at Bancoora Beach.  He loves it, running around like a mad thing. Then we took him home and took my car in to have new tyres fitted; going out for breakfast while the had their heads under the car.  We came home showered and got changed and off we went to pick up my sister and her husband.  

I had decided before I was going to go to Robbie that I would drop them all down there to see him, come home and make a late dinner before picking them up.  So I drove them about ten minutes away and dumped one lot and then went back for my brother and his wife.

We got down there and my sister had picked a great spot on the lawn and set up chairs, which was great.  The acts were brilliant.  Robbie was superb. But that was when it all started... My God. What a bloody disaster!  When it came time to come home.  1.5 hours later... We got there!  Jesus... If I had to hear my sister in law say "this ruins it!!!" or my brother in law say "Jules phone is just over here!" I'd have lost my head!!!!!  (she had lost her phone hiking through the paddocks trying to get to where we could pick them up easily - and he was tracking it...)

God; they were funny but I realised what the Squeeze goes through with a bunch of drunk people and him sober... 

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