Tuesday, March 13, 2018

How do I beat this bitch..?

The world seems undecided…  Uncertain if me going back to the Squeeze was the right move.

Yes; the card he sent me was romantic; whimsical in just the right way! He had written everything I’d want him to, and said everything I would expect someone to say if they want to win my heart!  But at the end of the day, he is a writer.  He can wax lyrical and then be still my beating heart!  

But actions speak louder than words, don’t they? And I haven’t really seen any evidence other than the bunch of flowers that were delivered on Valentine’s Day (another great ploy!)

I haven’t got the whole story yet…  I had felt it was coming for a day or so; but talking on the phone didn’t let me question him re the Harridan and her penchant for the melodramatic.  I mean let’s face it; not a snowball’s chance in Hell I’d miss my kid’s wedding.  But she dropped a hanky after mopping the bucket of tears and so at the first bit of opposition and he moodles back to his moodling ways.  And moodling; it’s an ugly trait.

Alright. She doesn’t like me.  (devastated here...) I don’t need her to like me. I have no interest in being besties or lesbian gal pals.  And I couldn’t stand the way she knows everything; all of the time!!! So let’s get this straight.  I want her old husband; that’s it.  

No amount of swearing, tears and carrying on; threatening not to go to the wedding should change anyone’s mind.  She brings up the one email I sent her (I can’t even remember it…) but she has it; probably learnt it off by heart! Ranting and raving about it.  Boy, she ought to have the 10000 emails I have; texts that she’s sent that I thought were so outlandish, I put them up on this site!  If I were the kid, I’d think “stuff you! Don’t come then!” But no… They all roll over and pander to her.  And she’s walks out of the door and laughs to herself about how easy it was to get rid of me.  As if anything would keep her from being front and centre at the wedding….

And because I had forgotten what an utter psychotic unrelenting bitch she was,  I realise that it will be never ending.   Again.  She will have her pound of flesh; getting maximum benefit from the trouble she weaves.

My brother didn’t go to half of his kids 21st.  Why?  Because quite simply, his current wife wasn’t invited; only he was.  I mean all this from a woman who shagged a school teacher, left my brother and followed him to Tassie (at which point he ran; shagging is one thing… A woman with 7 kids in tow quite another) My brother, when he finally got over it, married a great chick; but in the years after, it was take the money but give not a whit of care. Be nasty in every dealing with him. In fact she sat in her car out the front of their house when they got married; weird… It’s almost serial killer trait!  I just realised! She reminds me of the Hariden!
But I regress…

Now I’m having a hard time.
I’m weighing the “I don’t need to go” against “what will she think she has control of next!”

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