Sunday, September 7, 2014

The World Changes…

It’s funny.  One minute I’m in ‘likelihood of date two is zero’ land and documenting photos of how freaking horrendous it is out there.  The next, I’m walking hand in hand through the park after a three hour breakfast, sitting on a park bench and kissing someone.  Yeah.  Weird.  I haven’t kissed anyone other than the ex for years and years.

Where will it go..?  No idea.  I know I’ve hidden my profile, so I guess I won’t be throwing any weirdo rows on my table of horrors for a while.

Who is he..?  He is a 6’3” (I could wear any damned shoes in my wardrobe and still come out 8-10 inches shorter than him).  He is intelligent.  Into music (has vinyl and hates country!)  An incredibly fit gardener who is as slim as he is tall…  Swims every day so good shoulders and I’ll assume, tight butt.  Lives on the coast but is moving back to Ormond in a couple of months.

He told me from the start he’s not rich, which seriously doesn’t bother me in the slightest.  They just have to want to aim towards a future; then picked me up in a brand new Audi.  He has three kids, all intelligent; two ex-wives – each of whom he can sit and break bread with and after two dates, would appear to be crazy about me.  Thinks I’m gorgeous!  Incredibly beautiful, smart and funny!  Wants to hold my hand while we walk down the street!

But…. He is a bit of a velvet wearer.  He does drink (thank God) but is a vegetarian – yet not averse to anyone else being a total carnivore [thank God!]  Doesn’t take medicine if it can be avoided, preferring alternate medicine (God, I’m dating the Harridan); is a lefty sigh; is somewhat sensitive and looking to the stars and horoscopes!

How weird.  I'm going out with myself!  Just a way more intense version than I! I remember sitting in the movie theatre with the Squeeze early on and him laughing because we hadn't even got past the shorts and I was crying...  I suspect I will be the Squeeze in this relationship.  Now this ought to be interesting!

Can it last?  No idea, but I think I’m keen to find out!

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