Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kill Me Now; I’m single...

Although I have been in ‘probably second date Siberia’, I continue on my quest.  I don’t need the ‘love of my life’ or even the ‘move right in’ guy.  I would just like someone who I connect with, that’s happy to go on the odd date to see a band and or be the partner at all those couple functions that come up – that I continue to attend alone!

I feel as though I’ve been on a merry go around; and each date is actually some giant fist that flies out of a darkened corner to knock me off the ride.  Ohhhhh and some of them have been like a punch to the face.

I decided I would start a little table to keep track of just who the Hell is out there in the land of “Kill Me Now; I’m single!” [below] and I will maintain it.  Down the track it will provide me with hours of entertainment!

On a separate note, I caught up with the ex-Squeeze yesterday.  In some ways, I feel as though I’ve got my best friend back.  He is a damned fool because I loved him and was great for him; but hey, that isn’t my problem anymore and it won’t stop me from building a future with someone, when I get past the hurdle of those on my list that I would rather suck my own eye out with a straw than have another date with!

Yes, yes.  I’m a horrible person; shocking.  Except like me, they are putting themselves out there…  Just like I am.  I'm probably on a blog somewhere, exaggerating my gap...

Upside is that I did have a date today...  So far, he is ringing the bells.  No major issues.  We are catching up tomorrow for breakfast....

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