Sunday, September 28, 2014

Don’t you walk away!!!

The other morning, I awoke to a facebook message from a girlfriend at some ungodly 5am hour.  ‘Update your blog! I’m bored!’

I’m not sure who can be bored at 5am when there is sleeping to be done, and later in the day, I replied to say ‘there is nothing to blog about!’ And the reality is there were no new dates this weekend.  No one was rocking my world; I didn’t move any closer to the elusive ‘wild thing’ with anyone.

Wynette; this one is for you…

Today, while walking and reflecting to the sound of Diamond Dogs done Moulin Rouge style, I realised my life is a world more than blogging about some noodle headed spineless ex or a guy with Miss Daisy driving skills who had the potential to get me killed in a freak road rage incident; or even the stream of tic tac teeth, fungus fingers or impotent guitarists…

Dating a Hunchback began as a tale of woe.  Single women dating when in their 40’s and worse, dating morons that haven’t/can’t/won’t get their shit together.  And maybe that is my lot.  Maybe I’m not destined to be with someone and if that’s the case, I can’t see me no longer blogging – which means getting my act together!

Somewhat weirdly, I’m enjoying work at the moment.   Still, I applied for a job yesterday.  Why?  I need a house; which means I need to earn more money; or at least leave where I am, take all my leave as cash and put that towards my deposit.

The dating scene is quiet and I’m not chasing it.  I am talking to a builder (bring on that tool belt) who lives in Geelong and we may catch up next weekend when I go down to stay with my sister.  I quite like him too; he is my kind of people with similar family and 'tough love' kid values.

As for the title of the blog; I loved this song in my youth:

I noticed that she is playing at the Caravan Club – and I plan to be there.  I haven’t worked out who I’m going to go with as yet since my usual gig buddy is out of the country - but I have two tickets in my hot little hand and even if I have to go on my own – I’m going!

Annoying really that I basically introduced the ex to my gig world; and he introduced his friends.  Now they all go and I have no one to go with.  :'(

Other than that, life is relatively simple.  I even caught up with the ‘ex Squeeze’ through the week and gave him several boxes of records that I didn’t want.  It’s annoying.  I really like him as a person.  Why can't I hate him?  It' would be easier.

As an aside, I do think he is morphing into me.  I move to an amp and speakers, ridding myself of the preamp.  He does.  I get a Pro-ject turntable.  He does.  I get new headphones - he has to! I get a red car – he does! (admittedly, mine is way better and looking his interior just makes me want to sing Scottish songs!

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