Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A little bit dead…

Today while walking, I paused to call my mother.  She had actually been a ‘Squeeze’ fan and so it was nice to get a different view…

I told her that the ex-Squeeze was seeing someone and rather than immediately bag him out as everyone else has done, she suggested that he was probably lonely and if someone had dropped in my lap, I’d probably be seeing someone too.

This is potentially true however; he was the one that said he was retiring from the dating pool to concentrate on the toad of a kid.  What happened to that idea..?

And what the Hell is with this man drought?   I’ve lost 9.4 kilo!  I’m feeling great!  Writing…  And yet I’m scratching around for someone who isn’t three seconds away from popping their clogs or zooming their wheelchair around Chadstone!  Stuff that!

And the ex-Squeeze, by his own words hasn’t been able to diet; which means he still looks like a circle!  Yet he can find someone?  WTF!

The only pleasant thought in all that is that if she can cook, then when she cooks a roast she’ll be looking at this…   And when I miss him; then I'll just look at this...

I kind of think I’m better off alone; even if he did enjoy my cooking  :)

Either way, I said to my mother that I don’t wish him unhappiness.  In fact mostly, in my controlled waking thoughts, I wish him happiness; and only a little bit dead.

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