Monday, July 7, 2014

Welcome to ‘Singlehood’

Yesterday I caught up with the Scottish Lab Manager.

I thought I’d be clever and ensure that I chose a place near me, so selected the rooftop bar on the corner.   I wouldn’t have to think about drinking; I could basically stagger down the laneway to home.  It was an afternoon gig because that is less “date-like”; more relaxed…  And I selected an acoustic gig that I figured most twenty year olds wouldn’t bother to turn up for.

All good until the Scot texted to say “this is a private function”…   Well, they didn’t have that written on the sign!  Still, apparently he had created the hydroponic garden up on the rooftop so we got to slink in there anyhow – and what a fantastic afternoon it was.  Very cool place which has an eclectic mix match of ‘stuff’ in every available corner of floor and walls.

There were a couple of different guys singing and playing guitar and a room of “not too young” people there to raise funds for a girl who had thyroid cancer and needed drugs that weren’t on the list so basically cost you a house to pay for it.

I met new people.  The pub owner who gave off a “coolish” vibe; and his partner who was dressed rockabilly style with a little skeletal hand clutching her hair back.  She had a little dog with a diamond collar that followed her everywhere.   There was a tall bald guy with a thick neck who proceeded to flirt with me…  This gave me a little spring in my step considering he would have been lucky to be forty; but the spring fizzled as I watched him try the same approach on every old broad in the room.

One girl in particular I felt an instant connection too which doesn’t happen often and I have collected similar people over the years; they now make up by best friend circle…  I have a theory; well I was told a theory when I had my past lives read.  I had gone there looking to be a lady, with someone wearing my colours at tourney and instead, found myself a Frenchman on submarine that sunk before the war.  She told me that I would meet people in life and feel and instant connection to them; they were on the submarine also…  Oh I know its all crap, but still, I was intrigued by the story.

Our chat started with her saying “you look like Hugh Jackman’s wife!”  Which made me laugh; I mean I haven’t heard that for a couple of months at least and prior to that, it was basically all the time.  We talked for ages and then throughout the night, we would look up and catch each other’s eye and wave.

She hunted me down at the end of the night and I’d already written my number on a serviette as I was going to hunt her down and tell her that if she ever feels like getting out for a drink over this way; call!.  I’ll be interested to see if she actually contacts me.

The date.  Still undecided.  My passions are a slow moving beast I’m afraid.  When it hits, get out of my way; but first I have to find someone prepared to wait for me to catch up.  I’m not in a hurry; not at all.  In fact, I'm quite liking being single.

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