Tuesday, July 8, 2014


He He - I may be struggling with the Bonnie Raitt song on piano; but now I've got my brother trying to learn it on guitar in Synday :)  Soon his household will be fed up with it - which is a thing of beauty really... I mean children whining in the house means you know you're committed to learning; right?

If he get's his arse down here anytime soon, we could almost be the Von Trapps!
Of course this also means I'll have to up the ante of practice because he is more advanced than I am (and we can't have that...)

We do have a shared love of music and it's handy to have a brother in Sydney I discovered this week while planning a Christmas present for my best friend.

It was suddenly there in my inbox.  Nick Cave.  Doing a gig in Melbourne.

Of course when I think of Nick Cave, I think of the Boys Next Door doing "Shivers" and how unbelievably cool he is.  So I immediately sent an email off to my best friend to say "hello!!!  Nick Cave!  Want to fly in to Melbourne that night..?"  She was a guest along side him at some writers thing and had a tiny little crush on him (you'd have to be dead not to, let's face it!).  She replied to say "better idea; let's meet in Sydney for our Christmas present to each other!"

So it was decided and tickets were snagged.  She will fly in from Brisbane.  I'll fly in from Melbourne.  We'll have a night out in Sydney...  And catch up with my brother; talk music and writing.

Seriously; can't wait.

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