Sunday, June 8, 2014

Maudlin outpouring and failed relationships

No.  This isn't about any of that.

I have been slack in updating my blog.  This is not due to the fact that I am run off my feet by dating and suitors; although I have had my fair share of contact…   I’m just not sure what I can say anymore; at least what I can say that hasn’t been said.

I didn’t want to turn this blog into some maudlin outpouring of words about my failed relationships or how much I miss my dad, or even how worried I am about my Mum now that her world has caved in around her.  In truth, I decided I was better off going with “if you can’t say anything nice; don’t say anything at all”.

Still; life goes on.  Albeit not in the fashion I imagined.

So where am I at..?  Well I started a coffee table book on my dad’s career as a policeman.  It’s something he was very proud of.  He should be; he was well respected…   Of course looking at old photos of him in uniform means I drink copious amounts of red wine in an attempt to fortify myself.

This works up to a point but to some degree, is like dancing on the edge of a sword; one mouthful to much pushes you over the edge to crying in your cups.  That is ugly and basically means I just go to bed early to escape myself.

As for dating, I am glad I started throwing a profile out there early because so far, all contact has been from people that are either quite persistent and far too young (wtf is that about???) or too old and thinking they are the next Don Juan without realising just how much they give away.  News flash noodles out there in dating land; if you are acting like a little boy in a lolly shop, it probably means you’ve spent your life being unattractive to the opposite sex.

I’ll throw an addition in there too, it probably means they have a small penis.  Just saying.

Still, I like to think that I am in reasonably good shape for a woman who has now turned 52 (sheesh, I was in my 40’s when I started this blog…) So I’m not ugly, nor the size of a house.  I’m funny and somewhat articulate.  Surely someday my prince will come!

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