Thursday, June 26, 2014

Another day; another whatever…

The ex-Squeeze is 60 in November.  I started the blog when we were dating; he was 55.  We’d been friends since he was in his forties.  I miss that more than the rest, because let’s face it; he was a crap boyfriend.

Still, life goes on and I am only 52.  I don’t picture myself spending the rest of my life alone.  I never did.  Man drought..?  Who cares!  I’m just not your average run of the mill 50 year old.  I’m funny.  Articulate.  Love.  Am loyal.  Okay, that didn’t seem to compete when up against the potential serial killer, nose picking, snot wiping manipulative swine of a kid.  And power to him and the Harridan.  They got their wallet and baby sitter back.

Fool that the Squeeze is, and my last five years doesn’t really change anything; well maybe for him.  But not for me.  I still want a life… Want to be in love.  Want to grow old with something I actually like.

Well, tomorrow; I’m going on my first date in five years. 

This ought to be interesting.

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