Thursday, November 7, 2013

Worst. Teacher. Ever.

He he, I have always wondered at the God’s twisted sense of humour at allowing a crone such as the Harridan to be a teacher.  Discounting the obvious in that she is borderline illiterate (ug wot u do. getit. pay muny); she has absolutely no sense of reality.

This person is totally delusional to the point where she is living in a self-made bubble.  In that bubble of madness, which I might add she has dragged her children into, no one else has rights.  No one outside that bubble counts.  It’s all about “me, me, me”.   No one loses.   No one is ugly or stupid.   Everyone is perfect and exceptional and just gloriously talented.   Yes; there are obviously no mirrors in the Harridan bubble…

My sister is a new teacher and in checking reviews of the school she has been temping in, I couldn’t stop myself from seeing if anyone had actually reviewed the Harridan.

In actual fact, there were five reviews, one was glowing (obviously from the kid when he went to that school) and one basically non-committal with a comment of ‘ok’ – so I only cut and pasted my favourite 3 (below). At least these kids know exactly what she is; manipulative and in it for what she can get out of it.

As for the Squeeze…  I gave him opportunity to let bygones be bygones and at least attempt civility until I can move however it fell on deaf ears.  Basically, he ignores me.  I get not one word until someone else enters the room.  Then he is like a chameleon.  I don’t do chameleon.  I don’t do ‘ignore’.  If you live with someone, without basic civility is becomes unbearable.

Even worse than dealing with the Squeeze, is putting up with the toad.  Usually when I walk in the door at night, he is sitting in my seat like a king, surrounded by remotes and laptops.  It has been to the point where I figure this is just another way to annoy me because when I walk in, I then have to say “I’m going to put the news on now…” otherwise, I have to put up with 8 year old after school television.  I mean there is a television and lounge upstairs.  Use it.

Last night when I walked in, it was blissful silence down stairs.  That manipulative yet cowardly toad sat in his room until he had to come down for food.  And I wasn’t leaving the kitchen, I stood right there as he lurched about with his arch less feet slapping on the floor.  When he did look at me, he looked through me as though I wasn’t there. 

My, what a lovely toad they are breeding.  Stay in my house, use all my things – and treat me like crap.  Just astounding really.

When I was in Oakleigh, it was my haven. 
Now, when I get to that house, all I want to do is leave.

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