Friday, November 1, 2013

Put it in an email; that seems to be your way

Well the moment we all knew was coming, finally came.  That final straw was placed on my back and I bucked and screamed like a banshee.  In fact, I have now told the Squeeze that this is it.  The kid is not coming back to my house.  I won’t spend one more second with that horrible boy.  He will need to stay away while I find a house to move to and get moved.

It all started this morning when he sat on the sofa playing with his imaginary friends on Facebook instead of getting ready and/or cleaning up his room and completing his bathroom chores which are always ignored until the last minute.  And yes, although he went up and cleaned the bath and loo this morning, he did so in 2.1 seconds and there was piss on the edge of the bowl and a bath full of dirt; so it then took me an hour to clean it properly.

Twice while in iPhone land, I mentioned that it was time to get a move on.  Twice, I was ignored.  Then the Squeeze, on the phone outside, banged on the window and told him to hustle.  More ignoring.  Then the Squeeze opened the sliding door and said “move it” – you guessed it, ignored.   So I walk over and say “kid, do as you’re told!” more ignore.  “Ummm now!  Get up and get ready!  Now!” 

Peniewhacker: “why?”

Me: “because I’m telling you to!  And because your father has to go to work.  And because in this house you do as you are told!”

Peniewhacker: “That’s not a good enough reason.”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Peniewhacker:  “You telling me to do something is not reason enough for me to do it!”

Me: “Kid… In this house, you will do as you are asked.  I don’t care what you do when you live anywhere else – but in this house, you are asked to do something and you do it.”

Peniewhacker: “Not a good enough reason.”

By this time, I am shaking with anger and my heart is racing so much that I figure I’m going to have a heart attack.  This ugly, pimply, psychotic kid that is the product of an ugly, psychotic bitch; is going to kill me.  I’m going to keel over dead and my last moment on this Earth will be looking into this ugly boy’s face. 

At this point, I’m not letting it go so I say “you need to go right now please!” and he takes the out and says “since you said please…” and stomps off up the stairs.  I nearly have a conniption and race after him and say quite clearly, “if you maintain this attitude kid, you won’t be living in this house.”
And he turns to me and says “put it in an email; that seems to be your way.”

That was when I realised this horrible piece of trash; this utter bitch who is what I consider the world’s worst mother; has shown him the one and only email I have ever sent to her.

And although I’m angry, and over it, and moving out, and in a tizz of God knows what; part of me wonders how horrible a person do you have to be to hurt your own child like that?  What part of that email, could ever be received by that kid as not being about him.  Is her desire to be rid of me so great, that she would hurt her own son…?

And of course, the answer to that is yes.  That is exactly what this bitch is like.

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