Sunday, November 10, 2013

Living for the Moment

I wonder how long I've been burying my head in the sand.  Definitely, for a while.  Tonight, when I made mention of the future; the Squeeze said for about the millionth time; "I'm not interested in the future.  I'm just living for the now!"

My daughter left the room at that stage.  I'm tipping that was because she understood what was swirling underneath those words and felt uncomfortable for me.

And I don't feel uncomfortable.  I feel stupid.   Stupid that I ignored my "gut" and wasted years on someone that would have appeared to have "settled".  I mean let's face it.  He had a marriage.  A house.  A family.  He appeared to have cared about a "future" once!

Settled...  What the hell is that about?  Because in the scheme of things, I don't feel like I'm "settling" material...   I'm a fair bit younger than him.  Fit.  Smart.  Certainly not ugly...  Hell.  Maybe I'm the one that is delusional.  And I hate that some balless tosser has made me question that!

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