Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stupid Hygiene

Today, I went off to work and the Squeeze packed the car to take Kid 3 camping for a week.

I was going to blog and insert the deluge of text message orders that we all know was going to come; including ensuring the "sack" that he had to drag before her to inspect the last time - containing all the goodies that you need at the beach...  Vicks vapour rub...  thermometer...  But I got side tracked by my "stupid hygiene" rules; the ones that just make everyone feel bad about themselves.

Considering I packed a toiletries bag and got out hampers and dishes.... I was surprised to arrive home and discover they were both here.  Squeeze packing the car; kid watching television.

When I finally shoo'd them off and could begin the clean up - I found a filthy band aid stuck to my coffee table; and blogging about the witch and her pathetic text messages went out the window...  (bill will come about soon enough!)

Yes.  Of course my hygiene rules are stupid.  But I ask; who the frick thinks that this is in any way acceptable?????


  1. That is beyond disgusting! This has happened to me so many times. Yuck! Yuck!--RC(Using this instead of anonymous so you know which comments are mine. :)

  2. Dear RC :-)
    I don't get it. This isn't something you should even have to learn. It is utterly disgusting to peel that off some germ infested sore and just stick it anywhere. I've never been to the Harridan's house - thank God...

  3. Whenever I bring this to my skids attention they respond with a) stare at me until I walk away or b) completely ignore I said anything. When I ask why I don't get a response, they say 'I don't know what to say', how about 'Sorry, I'll take care of it right away'?!? Nope! They leave it and expect me to dispose of it! Like I just exist to take care of there germ-laden toiletries and hygiene products...:-/--RC


Thanks. Better check it out but it should be up today!