Friday, January 25, 2013

Blowin' in the Wind

No.  This is not a Bob Dylan moment.  It is just that I was side tracked by the filthy band aid stuck on to my coffee table last night, so didn’t get any other whining down.

I will ensure I spend time on the weekend putting up the screen shots that I took from the Squeezes phone prior to his escaping my disbelief and wrath in regard to the coffee table pig trick.  Such mindless Harridan’s psychotic-ness via text message is always amusing.  She actually thinks she is God… I’m sure of it…

Yesterday, amongst my cleaning, spraying of Freebreeze and band aid anger, I wondered why they hadn’t been well on their way to the coast.  It’s not like you need to pack a lot for two camping.

This morning I realised that the line was full of Kid 3 clothes when I came home.  All lined up just ‘Blowin' in the Wind’.   So the Squeeze had picked him up, taken him to get his hair cut as told to (cha-ching… those vicious little scorpions in her wallet won’t allow her to pay 20 bucks for a bloody haircut.)  Then he has had to wash all of the kid’s clothes prior to going.

What sort of lazy bitch sends her kid off to go away for a week, with a bag of filthy clothes…?

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