Saturday, November 3, 2012

Where has all the maintenance gone..?

Background music:  where has all the maintenance gone...  well close enough....

Last night, on our fourth weekend in a row of ‘kid’, he arrived in his school uniform lugging an armful of clothes - not even in a bag this time.

As expected, the pants were limp and of course, not ironed.  The jumper obviously washed (whenever it was last washed) with towels as it was pilled and lint covered.  The white polo shirt, as with any white clothes he brings, was a dull kind of grey.

After he went to bed, I was moving his kicked off shoes from the centre of the entry way to near the door (marveling at my skill in teaching him the 'shoes off' in the house rule) when I noticed what a poor state they were in.  Obviously not good quality when purchased, the top to the toe where the fake leather was extremely dull - the coating had pealed away.  On each side of the shoe – about 2 inches long – was a huge gaping hole!  One shoe was missing the insole, the other was all scrunched up.

How on earth does she send her kid to school looking in such a state of neglect..?  And if she can’t buy him a pair of shoes, what the hell is she spending all the maintenance on?  

Yes.  I know.  Kids are expensive.  I had three of them and I had all the same costs.  Much of that time, I was on my own.  It's not cheap, I know.  But she get's a lot of help from the Squeeze, not to mention the fact that she obviously rents out the house and apartment since she is renting somewhere else.

So where has it gone..?  Not on clothes, that’s for sure.  The only clothes he gets are the ones the Squeeze buys.  He does school fees… Music… so what the hell is she doing with it?

All I could do was think back to my kids going off to school in their clean, pressed uniform, hair in neat braids or cute short boy cuts.  Whites were white.  What a horrible, neglectful person she is.

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