Saturday, November 24, 2012

How did we get here…

When I used to know you so well…  I do love this acoustic version of Decode, byParamore; and it seems to fit with my mood today!

The Squeeze has gone off to the cricket.  I’ve sent a single text message to say “discuss this today, because it’s gone on long enough.” – And let’s face it; it has.   I’m living up in the air; on the edge; not knowing what and where things will be next month.

And the weird part is that the Squeeze, the kid and Witch (kind of sounds like the witch and the wardrobe…) are planning to sit down and have a discussion that involves me… my home… my life – yet I don’t have an opinion. 

Sadly, this bunch of self-absorbed fools hasn’t even bothered to think about that.

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