Thursday, November 15, 2012

You are a pathetic, selfish, pointless father…

For his birthday, the Squeeze copped a barrage of abuse from the Harridan.

She loves to tell him what a pathetic, selfish pig he is.   In fact, he is a totally useless father who has no care and does nothing to assist in the rearing of his children.   Hell, let’s face it; just as picking up the kid to take him to dinner and a movie doesn’t count as spending time, the average 1k a month he is shelling out doesn’t count either.

If we jump to the end of the tirade, it ends with us having the kid…

So what the hell does that say about this woman?  Is she really intending to hand over her child to this uncaring, selfish monster? 

I have been incredibly busy of late and so blogging has taken a back seat.  Of course the fun and games do not stop; I can’t see them ever stopping really.  Not while she is still drawing breath.

At the moment, I believe the dialogue is about her ‘wants’ and 'demands'.  And why not; after all, his surely don’t count.  They never have up until now, so I can't see that changing any time soon.

In short, an ideal solution for her is for the Squeeze to move out of our home, take over the lease that this moron took out on an expensive, dark, ugly house in Blackburn and rear the kid – paying for everything no doubt.

And the reality is that if he has to have the kid full time; it’s not going to be an “us” thing.  There isn’t enough room in our apartment to raise a teenager.  Even if there was, I seriously couldn’t stand it.  I would have no rights in my own home – even if he agrees to the kid being reared in “my world”; he wouldn’t stick to it.

If we look for something bigger, then I give up my home and without doubt; she will change her mind within a few months or the Squeeze and I will argue over the kid – and I will have lost my place. 

This doesn’t even address the fact that I don’t want the kid.  I don’t want to move back to teenager land.  This was not ever on the cards or a reality.  Trust me, I made sure of that.

Sigh… What the Squeeze doesn’t seem to get is that when he moves out and begins to rent a place for him and the kid – that effectively ends any hope we have of getting a house.  Even if he were to man up and demand she pay him what he now pays and went via the Child Support Agency (because she is a thief and a liar and wouldn’t pay) – he won’t be able to live on his wage.  Our saving a house deposit will most certainly go out the window.

And she will have achieved her aim. 

Ensured the fact that he will have nothing…  Own nothing…  And die alone.

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