Sunday, May 20, 2012

You Don't Know Where We Live!

The Harridan moved house and once again, made sure the Squeeze didn’t know where they live.  My suggestion to fix her penchant for the ridiculous is to hence forth, post her maintenance as a cheque – to her house.  I’m pretty sure she won’t move without telling him after that…

So the weekend goes by and the kid remains alive; the Squeeze takes the kid home after his 12 hours straight of “in bed with television and computer” while we are working like dogs in the back yard. 

I slunk off and left them to go off and bond before home while I cleaned in preparation for a party next weekend.  Aside from the actual cleaning part sucking, the spring clean will look fantastic!

The Squeeze walked in the door late and grinning.  Late because the kid didn’t have a key to get into the new house that we are not to know about, so he had to await Kid 1’s return to take him off his hands.  Grinning as he recited the next saga that is the Harridan.

Kid: “you have to drop me at the corner.”
Squeeze:  “I’m not doing that; look at all the bags you’ve got!”
Kid: “I’ll get in trouble if you know where we live!”

Me:  How dumb is this ridiculous bitch..?

So while getting dinner ready, I encourage him to send her a text to say “the lounge is a little dark…” which somewhat surprisingly, he did.

We giggled like school girls; I can almost see her reading it and then choking on her spleen!

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