Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Land Of Bliss

In another 22 minutes or so, I’m out of the door at work and off to a funeral.  Weirdly, this is the same funeral I was off to the other week; which got cancelled.  Yes; I couldn’t work out how you cancelled a funeral either but this one has turned into a circus.  Messy affairs when there is a wife on one side of the coffin, his kids on the other.

So no, the funeral isn’t the ‘land of bliss’ part; that will come when I get home from the funeral and start packing for my 2 nights in a spa at Hepburn Springs with one my longest serving best friend.

We are getting seaweed body packs and head/hair treatments and massages and cocoons and a million other weirdo named stuff all because I am in the unenviable position of turning 50 next week.  And she is already there so figures this is what 50 year olds should do (and I do believe she is right!)

So we have two days of relaxation and beautification and nonstop conversation.  Sounds just about perfect to me.  Even better; we are staying at the spa so there is no real requirement of glam up; just a whole lot of swanning around in their robe and slippers.

Yesterday, my boss gave me Waterford Crystal for crying out loud!  My family purchased me a gorgeous rose gold and ruby ring!  The squeeze, a Chanel necklace!

Hell.  I’m beginning to think turning 50 is a.o.k!  I’m even starting to look forward to the stupid party!

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