Saturday, May 12, 2012

I don’t want to Play House!

Saturday rolls around and once again, it looks like I’ve had a house full of hobos all week!  And not tidy hobos either!  So my whole weekend is damned by the fact that I have to get up and CLEAN!  Sheesh!  I don't want to play house!

Next week’s itinerary looks better:

Monday – Work
Tuesday – Work in the morning; funeral in the afternoon (well that bit of the week isn’t fun…)
Wednesday – Off to Daylesford with my best friend to be pampered at a Spa; followed by dinner  and copious amounts of champagne.
Thursday – More pampering…  More champagne.
Friday – Home – just in time to start a week of holidays!  Yay!

Oh stuff it.  I’ll clean next week!

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