Tuesday, May 8, 2012

That Didn’t Take Long

I’m about to turn 50.   Now what the hell is that about?   Twenty seconds ago, I was 18!   Ten seconds ago I was thirty and worried because my head felt the same as it did twenty seconds ago, but things on the outside were starting to slide.   That didn’t seem fair at all!

And now I’m going to be 50.

I’m having a small party, but I have to admit, my heart just isn’t in it.   The Squeeze pushed me to have something (if not, he would get the blame for me not having a party!) but it just seemed like too much drama and too much money really.  I agreed, mainly because people kept asking what I was doing.  Hell, I didn’t want to appear so ‘unloved’ that I’d sit at home on my 50th birthday because I couldn’t find anyone to party with!

There are a thousand restaurants in Oakleigh.  The ones I liked didn’t have a separate room to accommodate thirty or so (not to mention the Squeeze turning pale at the cost).   The ones that could fit them, I didn’t like as much.  Seems like just a few too many people to squash into home (not to mention the work involved) and not enough people to hire a hall.

My guest list is obviously the hellish number for party planners.   Then I ran out of time.  So we are having it at home.  Great…

My suggestion for getting it catered for caused a ‘Squeeze adverse reaction’.    When I told him the cost of the alcohol, his hair turned a shade grayer.   He’ll have a conniption when we do the food shopping, I’m sure.  I haven’t even started on decorations…

Every suggestion has been “too expensive” and his return volley of a suggestion is equivalent to me suggesting a case of Moet for each person and he suggesting a bottle of cranberry juice and a bag of crisps!

And every so often, I remember the pictures of the Harridan’s 50th.  A smiling Squeeze in various shots with groups of people.  Big hall; drinks flowing; speeches.  They had all the peripherals that make up a great party – even down to the Highland frigging dancers.

And I’m supposed to have a bottle of cranberry juice and a bag of crisps..?
Strangely; I’m not looking forward to it.

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