Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh. My. God. The. Mess.

You wouldn’t guess it, not for a single moment; but I have had the last 1.5 weeks off work.   Being a somewhat prolific story teller/exaggerator, you would figure that I’d have a list of blog entries a mile long.  In fact, I just haven’t found the ‘whatever’ to blog.

Let me guess; you are thinking that I’ve been too busy out socialising, or maybe I just haven’t had anything to blog about..? 

Wrong on both counts.  Well kind of.

I have been out and about a bit over the last week or so, more so than I’d have liked since days off work are supposed to go hand in hand with long sleep ins.  It never quite works out that way which is somewhat annoying.  Still, I could have dragged myself away from bed or the television for long enough to blog. 
But I didn’t.

So maybe I just didn’t have anything to say..?

Wrong there too.  In fact I intended to blog… Several times.  But I just didn’t get there. 
I wanted to blog about the preparations for the stupid half century party that I was pushed to have; and then left to organise.  I could have blogged about the Highland Fricking Dancers that I wasn’t going to be getting.  I could have blogged about my trip to the country or housework.  Could have blogged about the fear I am experiencing as the Harridan moves closer and the texts re the kid staying are coming a lot more regularly.  But none of them made the cut.

I especially wanted to run to the computer and somewhat gleefully blog about Kid 3 – who just happened to call me on the night of my birthday.  You are probably wondering what the hell he called me about; given that I’m such a witch; a bunhilda!  And to be honest, when the Squeeze handed me the phone I thought okay, he’s been brow beaten into giving a perfunctory ‘happy birthday’; and all the while he will be wishing me dead under his breath.  Maybe a little torture prior to death.  Maybe a lot of torture.

No.  Wrong again.  Instead, he wished me a happy birthday; asked me about my day and what I received and then continued on to apologise for being ‘a smart arse’ the weekend prior when he had been in Casa Oakleigh. 

Astounding.  So I’m not imagining that sulky ‘smart arse’ tone with the “are you finished..?”  Humph!  I told that idiot Squeeze this was the case, but he refused to see or acknowledge that this was the case.
To the kid; well I thanked him and said that although it may not seem like it; or he may figure it was so long ago I wouldn’t have a clue – but I was actually a kid too once – and left it at that.  And truth tell, our meeting this weekend was much more pleasant.

I still don’t want that damned Harridan upping the ante on kidsville; because firstly, I can’t stand the mess and secondly, he is no longer a little kid that needs babysitting.  I’m sure when she buggers off out, he skids through the house in his modern version of risky business!

Oh.  And as for the title – well suffice to say that I didn’t finish cleaning up after the party until last night.  2 days of living in hell.  The upside was my sister vomited on the way home (always the sign of a great party!) and at the conclusion of the night, I had 3 bottles of Moet in the fridge!  Yay!

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