Saturday, August 31, 2013

They All Fall Down

After being told by the velvet wearing acupuncturist that it was my anger, I decided to go with the flow this weekend and just “live and let live”.   That lasted about an hour; mainly because the Squeeze wasn’t home for that long.  When he returned, we went to a shopping centre to get a charm fixed on my charm bracelet, find a birthday present for the girl for next week and have a spot of lunch in a great little French place we frequent for coffee.

That’s when “live and let live” went out the window.

A woman in a large coat, scarf and bag had walked by several times; noticed because in Melbourne today, it’s in the 20’s and the sun is shining – a beautiful day!  The girl mentions that the woman appears ‘sad’.  I told muttered ‘stop looking; she could have an uzi in that bag…’

Her comeback was “seriously? Does she look like the kid?”  (Good point)  Mostly I wonder what he is going to do next and I haven’t completely discounted stabbing me.  I mean it has to top snot on the wall, doesn’t it.

So as discussion on ‘a little bit creepy…’ ensued and with parent goggles, the Squeeze mentioned that he has friends now (sure he does…)  and then goes on to ruin my day with “he even mentioned that he’d like them all to be here on the holidays to film a movie for a school project.

Aside from the fact that our agreement (in writing these days) means he spends school holiday’s with his mother and it will be a cold day in Hell before I change that agreement, I could only shake my head at the thought of four teenagers running around my beautiful things, making a movie while we are at work.  Ummmm no.  No way.  No way in Hell.

This song floated in my head; because the moment I go to work and leave an unhygienic peniwhacker and his nerd friends alone in my house, will be a cold day in hell – and 2 minutes after that, I’d be forced to make sure they all fall down…

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