Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Who is that creeping around up there...

Hopefully, I’m on my last week of sick leave.  During the day when I’m here on my own, it’s almost like being on holidays.  I’m recuperating yes but this week sees me at the best I’ve been for over a month so I can do those things that have been neglected.  Hell, I was just now sitting in bed thinking “I should get up and go for a walk to the market” – but then put it off to blog.  But after this…

Still, there is a dark cloud that hovers over our house.  Being home is less pleasant in the pre and post school hours when the house is silent other than the skulking of the kid upstairs. 

He is, in a word, disconcerting.  I was obviously trying to be kind in my word choice but in reality, his behaviour is sometimes just plain creepy.

Somehow, I’ve landed this strange man/boy in my home.  He exhibits extremely odd behaviour that mummy and daddy refuse to acknowledge or correct and in fact will flat out argue at me that it is ‘normal’ behaviour.   And I get to feel uncomfortable in my own home; especially when it’s just me and this kid there - even if he doesn't speak to me and just clings to his room.

Yesterday, I was watching a movie (which was kind of crappy; Cat 8 – obviously the final resting place for Matthew Modine) but I hear his key poking around in the front door before it swings open.  I know it's him, mainly because I've started the dread countdown.  Then I hear it quietly close before those archless feet slap up the stairs - seriously, it is like there are a couple of porterhouse’s hanging on the ends of his legs; and then the bedroom door silently snicks closed.

Who the Hell enters someone’s house and doesn’t even stick their damned head into the house to say ‘I’m home’?  I mean if I wasn't counting the minutes, he could scare me into a heart attack! (let's face it, that's probably the plot!)   Then he sits up there barking with a chest rattling cough and infecting the rest of the house (who cares about anyone else, as long as his good bacteria is okay?)

And what the hell is he doing up there…?

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