Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Poo Hands

What happens when you love someone, but can’t stand their family..?  

Yes, usually, you can avoid them and be busy at Christmas or Easter.  But what if the person you can’t stand, is some ignoramus kid that thinks he is better and smarter than you?  Is manipulative in the extreme?  And what if he is living in your house..?

That means it is time to move and shut down the relationship… Surely. 

There are so many people out there that can’t see how utterly disgusting their kids are.  Not fit for society really.  And seriously, this kid is not fit for human consumption.  He came home today and went straight to the downstairs loo for long enough for me to iron two shirts.  When he came out, he had flushed (thank God) but didn’t pause to wash his germ ridden hands before coming out to rummage around in my fridge and pantry and shove his hands over two bowls of cereal.  

Of course I can no longer touch the cereal or milk.  That happens a lot.  My daughter and I have to hide food so that his penis ridden hands do not touch "our" stuff.    I walk around with the pinoclean; wiping walls and handles just in case he touched them.  I don’t even want to be in the same time zone as this poo tarnished, potentially hepatitis ridden horror.

When I suggested the Squeeze should drag him out of his room when he went to get BBQ gas, the Squeeze paused to mention that the kid had been out of his room; he had in fact, sat downstairs with me and had a conversation when he got home.  The truth was the weirdo sat behind me as I watched House (season 6) and ironed - without actually saying one single word.  Several times I turned to look at him (in case he was creeping up to me with a knife)...

Before moving to the big house that takes me forever to clean up after a bunch of slack pigs; my home was my sanctuary.  It was quiet.  It was clean.  It was mine.  Now I feel anxious on week nights.  I suspect this kid has mental issues and it bothers me whenever he is going home from school early when I am not here as God knows what he would be up to. But it's almost worse if I rush home; because them I'm stuck alone with him.  WTF does that say..?

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