Sunday, May 5, 2013

Your Balls

Last weekend was the first weekend that the Harridan was supposed to have the kid.
Instead, she attempted to fob him off.  I put my foot down, mainly because I don't want to give in and have the kid here full time.  I have a life and a job - we have a 3 bedroom house and I want weekends for my children and family.

And let's face it, having the kid is no picnic.  There is band practice at 7.30 am 3 days a week.  Soccer at nights.  The argument over homework...  That isn't the life I went for.  I did that with my own - years ago.

So I agreed to specific times.  Monday after school, he comes home to us.  Friday, he goes off to school and we don't see him again until Monday evening.  She is is mother after all, and you'd think she would want to spend some time with him.  For myself, I'd have stabbed someone in the eye, rather than let them raise my kid.  Not so the Harridan.  Who although loves to spout the mantra "everything I do is for the kid" - she actually doesn't do anything at all.

The kid is on a music trip this weekend and gets back to the school about 11.30 tonight.
Tonight = Sunday - Harridan night.

But of course, she wanted our time to start early. Pick up the kid at midnight, then take him to some soccer tryout tomorrow before school.

With the lies the bitch threw at as last weekend singing loudly in my ear - this was NOT happening.
Sorry.  As agreed - anything that doesn't fall from Monday to Friday is hers.  She can drive down at get him and take him in the morning.

Instead, we got the phone calls, texts and then abuse about the lack of balls - where the Squeeze is supposed to say "fuck it he's my son and he stays when I want him to stay!"

Umm yeah bitch.  Not when I'm paying half the fricking rent - no.  That's not happening!!!!!!!

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