Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Super Freak...

All has been quiet on the Blog front.  I’ve run my ass off with moving house; and it has taken me forever.  Unusual really since I’m the most organised person on the planet.  However, nothing appears to have settled to where it should be.  I’m tired.  Everything about me is neglected – most of all, my hands - they are so try they are like husks hanging on the ends of my arms!  Packing, cleaning and lugging stuff around is seriously bad news for nails.

My piano was tuned yesterday yet needs more work.  This means my bargain beauty isn’t quite the bargain it was!  Still, I’m pretty sure the loose keys could have been caused by the reverberating clunk I heard when the removalists got it off the truck, but I can’t be sure.  At least it is now in tune.
So I’ve had limited time to blog and where once I would have done it when I got to work, I’m in a make shift shared environment at the moment, so on my best behaviour.   This however, doesn’t mean the Snake Lezzo from Velvet Land hasn’t given me fodder…

I’ll admit; I’ve disliked her from the first time she issued orders in front of me.  The dislike grew the first time we had a “shared” kid birthday lunch – where she ordered things left right and centre and then hefted her ass off a chair and waddled out, leaving the Squeeze to pay the bill.  That gave me a good insight into the person she was.

Still, I since have come to the conclusion that she is by far, one of the ugliest people I’ve ever had the misfortune to have forced upon me.  This has nothing to do with looks, as I’m sure she does well in those hillbilly lesbian circles. 

She is however, a vitriolic bitch.  Bitter to the very end.  And these traits are rolled up in the web of self-delusion.

Remembering that we have moved houses – and that has cost us a fortune…  That we have moved further out and have a bigger house – which basically means more work for me – all because she wanted to fob her own kid off to live with us.

This caused me utter astonishment really.   Children are not my favourite pastime – not even my own most of the time!  Still, I’d have poked anyone’s eye out with a red hot poker if they’d have even suggested someone else would be raising my child.  Let alone someone I dislike who lives with my ex.

And yet here she is, handing him over to us.  He will effectively live with us through the week and go back to her on weekends – and she is complaining about that.  Why would he want to go to velvet land every weekend?  You are a lousy father to fob him off like that (wtf???  Yeah, delusional!)

So we have moved mountains to take over rearing this teenager – and believe me, it’s NOT something I want to do.   Mine are reared.  Done.  She was the silly old cow breeding in her 40’s – and yet here I am; paying the price.

And for turning our world on it’s ear…?

This is the type of utterly ridiculous emails/texts/calls the Squeeze gets….
[Yes folks – this is a direct cut and paste – only the names are changed…]  

Changes to Kid' home/house situation is a big move for Kid.

Here are the conditions, information and expectations that you would not discuss

1. Kid is to have his epipen on him at all times (eg in his school bag for school/in his soccer bag for soccer)  

2. Kid is not to spend his weekends doing homework. I understand that some work can hang over from the week but he is not to spend whole weekend sorting out what needs to be done etc It can build up and cause him unneccessary extra stress. His yr 11 subject needs extra attention with online classes and constant work due. But also he is struggling with French and is slow to submit things To avoid confusion and to enable him to be organised and to feel on top of things in his busy life, Kid is to carry his school diary with him always (to and fro velvet land & Glen Waverly) with details of work to be submitted/work completed. This diary will serve as means of communication. Parents will need to read/write in it regularly

3. You have not had Kid living with you during the school week for 5 yrs. This will require adjustment on your part and it is expected that you will be on top of this -thinking ahead for his school, work and soccer needs, uniform etc (For starters you have not thought ahead and discussed uniform requirements and his soccer gear for this week EG Tomorrow Kid needs to wear sport uniform. Do you have his school uniform for Tuesday?)  Living in two homes is stressful enough. Dont make him more anxious by not having things ready for him. And Velvetland is a long way for you to pick up forgotten items eg school shoes/shin guards etc.   

4. Kid is not to take drugs unless HE NEEDS them. Read up on the abuse and misuse of medications. And if, for example Kid' sneeze causes dangerous consequences for people living in same house, find a healthy alternative solution ie remove him

5. You will communicate with me about all school information and correspondance and situations concerning Kid.(email if your ego is still having trouble with talking to me in person) 

6. Respect Kid' wishes. I repeat - Kid does not want to be in the middle and does not like his parents speaking through him

7., Kid is not to be left late waiting for you to pick him up. All pick up arrangements will be sorted out ahead of time and thought through at the start of each week Kid' Safety is your top priority

8. And Kid walking from Ringwood Station (one of the most roughest stations in Victoria) to Soccer ground in the dark on his own is not an option!

9.  Arrangements for getting his bike to and from work will be arranged ahead of time (not last minute) making sure his lights and helmet and safety backpack are with him each time and are in good working order

10. Kid needs to be contactable at all times. Ensure that his phone is fully charged and with him at all times

11. Kid is not to take technology to bed with him. He is to charge all devices in separate room from where he sleeps

12. Kid is to have good /early sleeping habits

13. Preparation for France will need attention. Overseas banking, Phone options etc need to be organized

14. Finalizing of Work Experience placement is overdue

15. There is a detention notice that I received on the weekend that talks about an impending "suspension" that will need to be discussed and dealt with

16. Any last minute issues/arrangements concerning Kid that are thrown into the mix without a clear, prior and  two sided discussion will NOT be considered.

Kid' SAFETY, his HEALTH and HAPPINESS are his parents primary concern and have absolutely NOTHING to do with how each parent regards/disregards the other

Oh my.   Utterly astounding what happens in the mind of a narcissist.


  1. Holy cow(that she is)....I would have told her to shove it up her...well, you know. Cripes, even I'm ticked at that. She wanted him living with you all so it's your rules!


  2. Thanks. I love 'anything about school has to come through me!!!!'
    Guess she forgot she changed his school last year; without consultation and then telling the kid to lie about it.

  3. She is an absolute control freak. If she wanted a puppet she should go to the store and buy one. She has no human decency when it comes to you, your partner, or her own child! She is disgusting.


  4. I agree. Seriously a sandwich short of a picnic.
    And leaving a train wreck behind her.
    I decided that since lists and rules are the way things are done, I'd attend to a few of my own "rules" to cover off behavior such as lying etc. not to mention hopefully help him understand the realities of life. She generally treats him like a 5 year old and that does have an effect.
    Hopefully, we can change that...
    Thanks RC!

  5. I hope you can, too. A word of advice, though....stepkids full time are a whole new ball game. I'm in for over 10 years and it is not pretty. Its been a steady decline for me. I wish you better luck than I have had.


  6. In reality, it is 4 nights a week - and I negotiated those to have my weekends totally free. I don't know how you do it full time. My preference is for no time. My kids are all grown up and yet here I am, suddenly responsible for and putting up with a whiny teenager. I didn't want that or sign up for it.
    Can it work..? No idea. I can but try.
    In reality, I suspect the Harridan has thrown this at us in an effort to get me to walk away. If I get out of the picture, she'd get her "PA", Wallet, 24/7 Baby Sitter, Chauffeur back.
    I'm kind of hoping that the Squeeze would have more sense than to let her get away with that; but who knows.
    Still; she is too much of a control freak to hand her kid over. So it will be interesting to see how long it lasts!

  7. Full time is no picnic, especially when she disappears and even every other weekend is gone. We havent had a date night in years! I do hope karma prevails in your situation and you can have some peace. I imagine she will combat it all the way, though.
    I can't wait to read more blogs about what will come of this....LOL.



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