Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The King and I

We are in a bad rewrite of The King and I – “so it is written, so it is done”.

The Harridan pens, or in this case texts, what she has decided is the truth – and once uttered, it becomes the truth for her.  It’s actually kind of amazing to watch.  Hell, last night she did a quick rewrite of the facts in between Text Message Demand 1, and Text Message Insult 3.

As you can see, text message number one quite clearly states that she is going away and we are required to have the kid; then one of the other personalities that lives in her head swoops in and decides that if there is a change happening, it must be us doing it!  Astounding really.

Her lack of manners and civility means I’d rather chew off my own face than give her what she wants.  In this case however, I told the Squeeze “sure.  But swap.  I need my weekend off when I get it!”  

He understands this also.  The 'no friends' thing has become so stressful that the Squeeze finds the weekend exhausting.  Worry, stress, worry; dealing with me; wondering WTF is wrong here...  And it is exhausting, because you have to continually entertain a kid who for all intents and purposes, should be off doing what kids do.  Hanging in a pack.  Chasing girls, smoking, wagging, Hell - I'd even take shoplifting at the moment because it would show that there is something there at least!!!

So he offers the swap but then gets a barrage of demands about what we “owe”; including a swoop in comment stating  "you only did 2 nights over his 6 week school break…"

Yes.  Of course we did.   I mean she is lucky enough to have school holidays off.   We are not.  Even with how difficult time is for us when we are both working full time, these are the days that we managed to have the Kid:

Friday, November 30.
Saturday, December 1.
Sunday, December 2.
Friday, December 14.
Saturday, December 15.
Sunday, December 6.
Wednesday, December 26.
Friday, December 28.
Saturday, December 29.
Sunday, December 30.
Monday, December 31.
Monday, January 7.
Friday, January 11.
Saturday, January 12.
Sunday, January 13.
Monday, January 14 – Dinner
Friday, January 18.
Saturday, January 19.
Sunday, January 20.
Sunday, January 21.
Thursday, January 24.
Friday, January 25.
Saturday, January 26.
Sunday, January 27.
Monday, January 28.
Tuesday, January 29.
Wednesday, January 30 – Dropped back home from camping.
Thursday, January 31 – Stays for the Day
Friday, February 8.
Saturday, February 9.
Sunday, February 10.

It is almost amusing that she hasn’t learned by now that I keep everything… I’m organised and document every single damned thing.  Last time she tried this tact the Squeeze sent her my calendar entries so it is beyond foolish to try it on again.

We are in discussion at the moment re us moving and a rearrangement in custody.  Frankly, I think I was more than generous in saying let's do "one week on", "one week off".  Of course, that wasn't good enough for the Harridan who, although a martyr, although ‘every single thing’ she does is for the kid, she has now decided that she wants us to have him full time.

I can’t do that.  I won’t do that.

So although we have been accepted for a gorgeous house that I can already picture what goes where...  We are on “pause” until he clears this up – because I’m not going to be a full time mother to this kid.  If that has to happen we are back to me living here and him finding a new “clean freak hell” with the kid.


  1. well at least it seems like he cold shouldered her- she really is a cow!

    velvet Queen of the night :)

  2. Yes, he did pretty well in the "take. leave." :-)


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