Thursday, February 7, 2013


The Squeeze is once again in Moodle heaven.

Gone are all the discussions we have had on the three way split for France.  There is no line in the sand… No stone…  Because there can be no lines in the sand with kids.   We talk for months, and in one meeting with the Harridan, our discussions are dead in the water.

All those months of repeated “I will pay one third and that’s it!” has of course, slipped out to “the kid can’t pay so the Harridan and I will have to suck up his third and spending money.”  I pointed out that although he was narky each time I asked if either of them had saved the money, he could probably see why I needed to ask every week.   

I mean I wanted to know the exact moment when the man that is supposed to be, for all intents and purposes, my legal, defacto husband – shrugs off our months of discussion/decision and bends over while the ex-wife rogers more money out of him.

Frankly, I'm beginning to think he enjoys it.

And by June, the Harridan won’t be able to pay whatever she committed to pay.  At that point, his 3rd will become a fully paid kid trip to Paris with the school band, including spending money.  Which would be about what I said would happen six months ago.

Hell.  Lucky this kid is going to write music scores for motion pictures!  Then he can fund Squeeze retirement; because the poor bastard sure as hell won’t have anywhere else to live.

And yes folks.  That includes living with me.  Not on.   Not happening.

The things that I think are important, like funding a house so that we have somewhere to live when we finish work; are not on any priority list for the Squeeze.  His priorities are all about the ‘family’; and I can be a legal whatever, but I’ll never be considered even equal to the ‘family’, let alone above.

Tonight, I realised that the Harridan is marking time until we move and I suddenly saw I'd have this kid living with me 24/7.  Not a friend in sight.  Just a TV, phone and a laptop combined with the incessant ask for money.  And I will have no say. 

Moving just went off the table…

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