Friday, October 3, 2014

I really want a man...

But only so I can put this song on my blog lol

So I decided to just put it on here anyhow.  Hell, if I ever meet anyone half way decent; I'll put it on again :)

Dating land...  Tool belt boy and I went to a groovy little Mexican restaurant called the Yellow Bird Cafe in Chapel Street, Windsor.  Although this isn't a foodie blog, since I'm out in the land of dating and so catching different eateries, I may as well throw my two cents in.

I chose the venue since he is from Geelong and he figured I'd just know where to go.  I wanted to pick somewhere 'different' to wow him with my knowledge.  I wasn't disappointed.  I went with the Yellow Bird Cafe.  I suspect he ambiance was better than the food (at least it was for me).  There is bird and Mexican paraphernalia littered throughout the interior with band posters here and there and it had a large outdoor area and great music (that got too loud for conversation as the night progressed).  

I watched a huge plate of nachos come out to a table near us and regretted my stupid choice of a Ceaser Salad - which was actually kind of tasteless.  Luckily the conversation flowed easily and we spent a good couple of hours with no silent moments or difficult lull in conversation.

He looked exactly like his pic; fit, slim; quite good looking chiseled face. We pretty much come from the same family environment.  Large; loud - mafia style: you'd turn up in the middle of the night with a shovel and a bag of lime if your sibling called you to say there was a body in their back yard.  

He has a good relationship with the ex (which means no real dramas in that area).  He is in no rush (so not a desperate fool) and he hasn't inundated me with contact (as the others) since walking out of the place.  

He did laugh when I told him about my first date where I shook the guys hand at the end.  I mean he was a stranger... I'm a slow to boil girl.  I bubble when I reach that point but its an evolution; there is no such thing as love at first site in my world!  He agreed that he was the same.

Sounds perfect huh..?

Now for the down side...

He has a sixteen year old boy that lives with him.  As the words left his mouth I had a flash back to the last trip I took down sixteen year old lane.  Snot on the wall, manipulative, poo germ infested hands, psycho personality disorder. I had just escaped from that crap.  I stifled my sudden desire to just stand up, drain my beer and leave  :) but paused.  He talked about "discipline"; so he wasn't a velvet wearer then.

Then we got to his hobby.  He shows and judges dogs; gets flown all over the world to do it.  Not just any dogs but Rottweilers - and he has three of them.  My fear level rose just hearing about it and I could already see them protecting the devil's child Omen style!  He mentioned that they are "dogs"; not babies and he treats them as such.  They don't come in the house - so that was one small positive.

Then he showed me the photo of his loungeroom with the massive cabinet of trophies.  They had been banned to the pool room when his wife had lived there; but now he'd moved them to the lounge.  Yeah.  I couldn't see a huge wall of trophies anywhere in any lounge I could deal with.

Will we go out again..?  Possibly.  But I'm beginning to think my sister was right; a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

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