Tuesday, September 24, 2013

School Holidays!!

It's school holiday time and the Harridan has already begun her campaign to foist this kid off onto me for extra days.  WTF - over my dead freaking body!  So the insults, demands and manipulation begins.

Tonight I wrote my own letter to the bitch and forwarded it to the Squeeze to send.  Of course we all know that he'd rather chew off his left testicle than actually anger the cow; which has it's own alarm bells...

Still, I thought my letter was pretty good really!  I was relatively polite, which is more than she deserves.

Dear Harridan.

I know the concept of thinking of someone other than yourself if relatively alien to you, however; I wanted to point out several things regarding the school holidays.

Let’s address your repeated demands that I collect The Kid as soon as humanly possible – ie:  Saturday…   For the record, amongst your insults and delusional drivel, you appear to have forgotten the facts so I reiterate them for you now…  In English, with punctuation – which is more than you ever offer me.

My partner has your child more often than you do.  No easy feat either, given you have brain washed him into refusing medication, using deodorant, washing his hands/hair/clothes or even demonstrating the basic civility of pressing the toilet button.  She has moved homes and agreed to the terms we outlined – and you agreed to them; even as I outlined that I would under no circumstances be dropping everything to adhere to your demands.  These were the terms.  End of story.

For the record…   I’m not changing the terms so that you get an extra day with whatever lesbian assemblage you are currently sitting around the camp fire singing with kumbayah.

You can attempt to toss that mantle of “everything I do is about the kid” around your shoulders, but at the end of the day – you argue to be rid of him as often as possible.   I can almost hear your reply – yes, what about the kid – but as I already told you; he didn’t even want to go to the beach for the whole week I have taken off, so as per usual, this isn’t about him – but about you.  It's always about you.  Always has been.

For the record, your style of manipulation is old and transparent.  I don’t need you to tell me “The Kid wants to watch the grand final with his daddy” or “what about play time” etc.  News flash.  He is 16 years old.  Seriously… Play time?   And you wonder why he doesn’t bring friends home…  Are you trying to breed a serial killer!!??

At the end of the day, it is about this.  I am going to the beach for one week – as we agreed upon.  No more.  You bombarding me with and insults isn’t going to change that.  Your constant, yet fake, holier than thou attitude wore thin years ago.   Now it’s moved into downright irritating.

So… Let me finish by saying:  “shut the fuck up you delusional bitch”.

Your “ex-husband (thank the Lord) 

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