Monday, May 21, 2018

Aggghhhh I want to go to work!

I've been house cleaning and gardening for 2 weeks; this is in anticipation of getting a job and being away from the house for a goodly whack of the day!  Of course I don't have a job yet and I'm only looking with one eye (and that is barely open!) but I've got several people that are helping me so I'm going to wait and see what pans out there...

I quite like what I've done outside; in the rain!  I bought an old dressing table for $5, and I've made it into a planter.  I also got rid of the gravel from that area and I've put soil and grass seeds down!  Of course I had to put the wire down...  Sharpie would dig it up if I didn't!

And as for the Squeeze...  He sat inside on the computer while I did all the back breaking work and then came inside to cook a roast lamb! lol

So I reckon I've about another week or so of cleaning up and beautifying! Then what..?

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