Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Stop the world!!! I want to get off!!!

How relaxed I sounded yesterday!  Oh it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas is it?
Who wants bloody Christmas?!

I don't even really have to do anything this year.   I got my two main pressies.

In my family, all our names go in a hat and one name, for one person is dragged out. They buy something good, and it's from the whole family.  Saves you doing the 54 pair of sox and jox that you used to get, combined with kitchen crap you are never going to use. If it goes in the kitchen; and I want it; I buy it!

So a couple of years ago, my kids and I decided we'd do it.  So far, no drama.  There are only a few rules.  You must have it available to them Christmas day; and you shouldn't do gift cards.  That is one cheat that someone breaks every year but no one has not got a present.

I'm flying off to Sydney this Christmas and New Year.  I've got my pressie packed; although I had to buy for my mother, she doesn't get it until Christmas; so I've got to drag it on the plane! This year, I'm catching a train down to his house.  Well, two, but who's counting.

I think of it as an adventure!!!

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