Sunday, December 18, 2016

Quiet time.... Can I have some more!

Today I got up made breakfast and ate it outside.  It's warm when you are in the sun and sheltered...  It's not as warm with no protection. Sharpie watched me so it was a bit for me, then him.  I figured it was okay as we weren't inside.

Then I showered and dressed and took him for his usual walk.  We saw Maxine and Monty and so Sharpie got a play with Monty while Maxine and I talked.

The house is tidy; if not clean.  But I'm not investing too much in keeping it spotless at the moment.  I'm going to Sydney and Ally will be here looking after the dog.  I know housework is not exactly her forte lol; or perhaps it will be when they move.  I'm crossing my fingers that she find a job in QLD; that's where they're moving to.   God knows, there isn't anything here for her.

I'm about to get ready.  I am going for coffee with Allan (and so I better get out of my old shorts and a threadbare winni!).  I'll do my hair and put a little make up on.

I don't know if this constitutes a date for him or not; but so far, I like him...  He plays it just right.  Doesn't inundate me with contact.  Isn't so desperate that he has to see me all the time.  With me, it works better to just let it evolve slowly...

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