Friday, February 27, 2015

The bed's a bit big.....

Today, I helped my son who is home for a week or so, get his bed in his room. He works FIFO (fly in fly out), so is only home a week or so every four to five weeks.  Well so far we have a room, a big ass bed and a big screen TV.  Well I guess he is sorted!

Other that that I've had a rather full on day.  A painter came to paint some the porch and front door.  A friend of mine came to fix the stereo (it would appear to NOT be my amplifier so I'll have to test the turntable next).  After that I went to the gym where I walked/ran on the running machine, swam laps then had a spa before taking myself to the steam room and then the sauna!
All in all; a good day.

Tonight, the girl and I thought we'd see whats around down this way. They have this pop up bar thingo at the City of Kingston so we figured we may go and see what its like.

Of course, it hard to get used to going out and not drinking!  But I'm doing it!

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