Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Enough already...

Well I have to say I'm coming out of it.  I stay awake during the day and do all kinds of stuff; of course it is hard to have stuff to do when you can't spent a cent! I'm on lock down - self imposed.

I've literally been to Hell and back.  My memory hasn't been worth paper it's written on and gaps in my conversation make that more that obvious.  As if that wasn't bad enough, try 2 chipped teeth, my eyes - both sight and visually have a problem and I'm weaker on the left hand side (which equates to the right!)

Yeah. I'm a picture of heath.  I'm still not back at work; it's going on 4 months now.  I went for lunch with the guys but they got the new, quieter thinner version.

I started my "rehab" at the place where I work.  I mean how are you supposed to get better at home..?  I spend my day alone walking and cleaning up.  Then I watch a movie and hang til the girl gets home.  I'm quite simply put, going mad.  Stark raving mad!  I wan't to go back to work (never thought I'd say that lol)

And aside from it all, I've changed the personality of what I was.  I don't know why. Where once I was loud, now I'm more thoughtful.  But the loudness I see as bravado; because twice I marched in front of a line of people that stretched out the door. saying "they're calling me!", and caught a plane to Sydney on the weekend and not a person said a peep!

Oh my brothers place is gorgeous!

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