Friday, June 14, 2013

Packed… With a Mother’s Love

We have all heard about the trip to France with the school band, right?

First we had the Squeeze putting his foot down firmly to say “I’ll pay a third – but Kid, you pay a third and save your spending money…”  That was about six point three seconds before he rolled over and sucked up the kid’s third – and spending money – because we all knew he was never going to get a job and save.

I have my doubts that she is paying, but if she’s not, he’s too scared to tell me J

France is in the next couple of days and I’ve been saying for a while that’s it time to bring the suit case home with the stuff he intends to take…  You know.  Live dangerously... try going with organised!

Yesterday, the Harridan sent the kids France stuff home.
Packed with mummy’s love…
Who the hell packs for France - in a garbage bag with filthy, wrinkly clothes..?

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