Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 - The New Year

I'm still alive and doing fine; but wow, things have been damned busy.

Where am I at this year?  This was always and ever going to be the "year of change" for me.  And that isn't just about the Moodle and his 'future serial killer weirdo' kid.  It's about a lot of things.  Job. Home. That kid. The Moodle's inability to discipline that kid and tell the Harridan to shove it sideways - and last, but not least, I'm not too keen on the person I am now.  Turning fifty and having to deal with the weirdo upstairs has dragged me to the point where I basically would have to shop at Ray's Tent City to find a dress.

Still; all will be addressed.  Since NYE I have had one half of a glass of red.  Those that know me, would be rushing for a thermometer; truthfully, it hasn't been that hard.  And... I'm watching food intake and walking every day. So step one - "improve me" is in progress.  Step two is beginning as the girl and I areactively house hunting.  I must admit, since making the decision that I couldn't stomach that nose picking hygienically deformed kid one second longer; things have been a lot more relaxed.

So the Girl and I will move and the Squeeze will take over this lease, and at least initially we'll go back to dating.  Not sure how long that will last before I blow a gasket and slam the door.  Probably as long as it takes the kid to manipulate things.

And ummm yeah, I'll be taking my name of the lease here.
Like I want it on my record that I left a house with snot on the wall!

Anyway, I'm sure the kid will be delirious with happiness.  That is up until he realises that the televisions; and just about everything else here... Is mine.  :)

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