Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hovel. Dump. Pigsty. Living in the Filth!

We have the kid here this weekend for the first time in a month.    He came yesterday and is supposed to go home tomorrow before we go out to see a band with friends.  I say supposed to because the Squeeze has not actually spoken to the witch re the Sunday return.  This shouldn’t be an issue since the arrangement is that he goes home on Sunday afternoons…  And in the real world, it wouldn’t be.   But psychotic bitch has issued orders that we are to have him until Tuesday eve.

Although I’ve given an unequivocal “not a snowballs chance in hell”, as yet, I haven’t seen any discussion regarding him going home tomorrow as planned.  I’ve seen the Squeeze send a text message (like coward) but it is by no means decided what the hell is going on which I believe I have explained hundreds of times – the disorganisation drives me mad.

Some people may wonder why I shudder or argue over additional days.

Mostly, it is that I refuse to have this bitch order us to have the kid.  Without any discussion or question – if we have plans, we are obviously supposed to just break them.  Like Hell!

But this is also a huge part of it…  My walls after one single night here.

I question, who the frick lives like this..?  Just what the hell sort of pigsty is this kid living in?  Obviously living in filth doesn’t bother the Harridan; but Hell, I can’t live like that and who do you think get's the clean up??  Which is seriously unfair.


  1. Ugh..the dirty fingerprints. I almost can't stand to look at the pictures! I have the same issues with "slobbery". Can't clean up their messes on the counters, table, floor, etc. Let alone their rooms or actually get any pee IN the bowl. I just looove getting the bottom of my pants wet from urine on the floor...:/ Btw... glad you're back. I have missed reading your blog.

  2. Oh I know all about the pee on the floor routine; that half hop/skip... feet wide apart to miss the splashes! No idea what that is about!!! Must admit, I seethed with the fingerprints - because I'm the one stuck doing the cleaning! :-)
    Thanks for your comments. I figure I can't do without my blog really!

  3. I make them clean it. They hate me anyways so it doesn't change anything. :-) Only problem is getting my husband to get them to do it. No easy task. The pee on the floor is the worst for me. I do the feet apart thing too. Sometimes it's so bad I just take my darn pants all the way off. Haha.

  4. Well I don't think these ones hate me; although they probably think I'm a clean freak nut. Still, I think it is a benefit for them to learn that you don't eat with your fingers and then touch the walls; or that in the real world, you don't not shower or wash your hair until you smell downright manky! :-)
    It's a hardship. As for the Squeeze, well any comment is an attack - which is ridiculous and unfair, but hey, what can you do!

  5. Mine are in the "like you if you do for me, hate you if you don't" phase. I'm don't fall for it though and go with "I do for those that show me respect". It's not easy being a sm and after 10 years full time it's only gotten harder. Hubby is on the same page but has guilty father syndrome and goes easier than I sometimes. It IS a hardship. I look forward to more of your blogs about this. Your comic relief makes it easier. ;-)


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